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The film, “The Messengers”, follows the stories of Janet Mayer, a psychic medium, and Itzhak Beery, a shaman and healer. Learn how these two visionaries are intimately connected and watch how their lives intersect on a once in a lifetime journey into the Amazon.

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Janet Mayer is a Missouri based psychic medium, who in 1994 began spontaneously channeling unwritten languages she cannot understand. After years of searching for a possible translator for this great mystery, she was lead by author and activist John Perkins to Dr. Bernardo Piexoto, an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. and the last shaman of the Ure-wau-wau tribe of northern Brazil. Dr. Piexoto, also known by his shaman name Ipupiara Makunaiman, or Ipu for short, was one of the few people left in the world who knew the origin of the indigenous rainforest language Janet was channeling.

John sent the tapes to Ipu and Janet waited months to hear back. When Ipu finally listened to the tapes he was shocked to learn it was a white woman speaking the language. Even more shocking was that the message was a small part of an ancient prophecy for humanity. Stunned by what he learned, Ipu returned to the jungles in northern Brazil in order to play the tapes for the elders and shamans of his village. The elders confirmed that the messages on the tapes were coming from their dead ancestors and shamans and requested Janet come to the jungle herself to have the rest of the message revealed.

Before Janet and Ipu ever made it to the jungle he passed away. Feeling saddened and discouraged, Janet figured she would never make it to the rainforest to find out what the message coming through her meant. Her faith was restored after a chance meeting in New York City with Itzhak Beery, Ipu’s apprentice, and long time friend. Itzhak has agreed to help her. Together they will embark on a harrowing journey to the Amazon to meet the only remaining indigenous peoples who can decipher this mysterious “Message for Humanity”.

Unwritten Amazonian DialectJanet



Our film “The Messengers” has arrived at the perfect time. People are exploring and expanding their consciousness now more than ever. You see it popping up everywhere. Conscious communities such as Burning Man and Envision grow in size every year. People from all over the world are being drawn to the jungles of the Amazon in record numbers in search of mystical experiences. The use of consciousness expanding medicines like cannabis, psilocybin, and ayahuasca have become more popular than ever. For people seeking spiritual growth and consciousness expansion without the aid of plants, yoga, meditation, and breath work have become a huge phenomena not only in the U.S. but around the world. 


“The Messengers” is another example of a consciousness expanding experience much like the ones listed above. The film aims to open up the audience to new ideas by expanding their concept of what is possible. Janet connects to the world beyond this one. Her experiences in this film will illustrate that there is an alternate reality that connects us all. If the film can prove that a woman from the midwest, is speaking an unwritten language only spoken in the depths of the Amazon Jungle then what else is true? What other questions can we ask? Whether we call it Spirit, Consciousness or God no longer matters. The film will open timely theological, philosophical and scientific questions that reach far beyond the characters on the screen. 

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